GD Energies is premier company which is collecting mass paper waste, cardboard and corporate paper wastages in and around Chennai, South India for the past 15 years. The company incorporated with an investment US $ 2 million have one of the biggest warehouse and collection centers in city.

This company is a proprietorship firm having ample Transport facilities to facilitate daily collection in and around Chennai from Multi national companies, Business centres, BPO, Software firms, Mutual funds centres, Banks, Collection centers and from waste paper marts. All types of used papers are taken to our factory and bailing is done with hydraulic compressing bailing machines and taken to paper mills directly in our transport. Government offices are also giving their records and waste papers and we do the service of collecting these wastages at their own site by offering very best rates in the market.

We service our clients by taking Digital Weighing Machine to the customer premises with the transport and immediately asses the value settle the payment at site by cash or cheque as per the convenience of the client according to sort age. We offer them competitive rates also service to their instructions like cutting these wastages and then transiting to our warehouse.
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